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Who We Are

Dadaba Group stands as the cornerstone, a parent holding company overseeing diverse businesses across various sectors. Our global headquarters in Accra, Ghana, symbolizes our local roots and global vision. Through subsidiaries meticulously managing business activities, we navigate dynamic landscapes with precision and purpose.

 Our Diverse Portfolio:
In the tapestry of Dadaba Group, each subsidiary is a distinct thread, contributing to our rich fabric of impact. Dadaba Foundation, Dadaba Recruitment, Dadaba Real Estate, and Dadaba Consulting collectively represent our commitment to addressing challenges faced by individuals across diverse sectors.

What we stand for

Global Presence, Local Impact:

While headquartered in Accra, our global footprint allows us to transcend geographical boundaries. We leverage our international presence to bring solutions that resonate locally, addressing the unique needs of communities worldwide.

Championing Sustainable Development:

At Dadaba Group, we go beyond business. We champion the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda Programme. Through advocacy, research, and strategic investments, we actively contribute to advancing all SDGs, aligning our endeavors with global aspirations for a sustainable future.

Versatility in Problem-Solving:

Our diverse business portfolio positions us as problem-solvers across multiple sectors. From philanthropic initiatives to talent acquisition, real estate solutions, and consultancy services, we are perfectly poised to address the varied challenges encountered by individuals and communities.

Commitment to Impact:

Dadaba Group is more than a conglomerate; we are agents of positive change. Our commitment to impact goes beyond profit margins, driving us to create sustainable solutions that empower lives and transform communities.

Our Mission

Empowering Lives, Shaping Futures – Dadaba Group is dedicated to enriching lives and shaping the future through a diverse portfolio of businesses that transcend borders. We commit ourselves to delivering innovative solutions, fostering sustainable development, and creating lasting impact across global communities.

Our Vision

Leading the Path to Global Excellence – Dadaba Group aspires to be a pioneering force, setting the benchmark for excellence in every sector we operate. Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, driving transformative initiatives that resonate locally and reverberate globally.

Our Values



Embracing creativity and ingenuity to address evolving challenges.



Striving for excellence in all operations and delivering top-tier services.



Championing environmental responsibility aligned with the UN SDGs.


Global Citizenship

Operating with a global perspective while creating impactful, local contributions.



Guiding actions with unwavering transparency, honesty, and ethical practices.



Amplifying impact through internal teamwork and strategic external partnerships.



Fostering growth and creating opportunities for individuals and communities.



Actively engaging in initiatives that ensure meaningful and sustainable community impact.

Our Partners

We’ve 1520+ Global Premium Clients

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