About us

Dadaba Group, the Authentic Brand

Since we are a conglomerate, our operations cross various industries thanks to our varied portfolio. Our present areas of interest include recruitment and consulting, mining, charity, real estate, investments in commodities and agriculture, and consulting in energy, trade, commodities, and agriculture. Dadaba Energy, Dadaba Trade and Commodities, Dadaba Recruitment & Consultancy, Dadaba Mining, Dadaba Real Estate, Dadaba Investments, and Dadaba Foundation are our daughter firms that work in the aforementioned industries. They continue to benefit from our active involvement and assistance as they develop, grow, and succeed in their various industries.

Our Mission

Our objective is to serve as an all-encompassing resource for all of your needs throughout the range of industries we work in. Our goal is to do this by offering effective, customer-focused products and first-rate services while maintaining a strong sense of honesty, integrity, and accountability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a reputation for excellence in all industries and fields where our subsidiaries operate via the quality of our services.

What Are Our Core Values?

Our company's culture was developed using these values. Our principles serve as the cornerstones that underpin our business interests and guide us in enhancing our performance and service delivery.
These values include:

People Focus