Dadaba Farms and Commodities

Dadaba Commodities

Dadaba Commodities is in the business of supplying and distributing necessary commodities in packages that satisfy customers and are within reach. We do this by utilizing the power of research and a broad network of trend spotters who can help us identify developing market opportunities. We do research to better understand consumers and their behaviors, which enables us to provide the market with innovative solutions. With the help of our creative team of specialists, we continuously advance while moving quickly to uncover market potential.

Dadaba Farms

Dadaba Farms is a company that is well-positioned to dominate the agricultural industry since it is in charge of managing Africa's supply chain for crops, farm animal products, agricultural technologies, and raw materials. Additionally, the company engages in agricultural activities such processing, preserving, and packaging fresh agro-products for both domestic and foreign customers.


  • 40 Boundary Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana
  • (+233) 030 295 5470